Nominations have closed, so who is in?

Nominations for the upcoming local elections have closed. Between now and Saturday 12 October 2013 is your time to consider who you want to represent you on Buller District Council.

During this time many of the nominees will be campaigning for what they represent and there may be candidate meetings held around the district. Buller District Council doesn’t get involved with any of the campaigning of individuals. We do however, encourage voters to find out as much information as possible on what Council is all about and what the roles require. That way you can make the best possible informed decision on who you want to be on Council for the next three years.

Voting documents will be posted to all those persons on the current electoral roll, from Friday 20 September and should be received no later than Thursday 26 September. If for some reason you do not receive voting papers, then contact Council’s Electoral Officer to determine why you never received your papers. For more information on the election please click here.