Time is running out for candidates in local elections

With just a few nominations received for the local elections, Buller District Council Electoral Officer, John Rodger, is reminding people they only have until midday on Friday 16 August to get their nominations in.

Although a large number of candidate packs have been picked up or sent out to interested people the Council has only received the following nominations, as at close of business, Thursday 8 August:

  • 1 nomination for Mayor (Garry Howard)
  • 2 nominations for the 2 positions available as councillor from the Seddon ward (current councillor, Dick Marsh, and newcomer, Lynn Brooks)
  • 5 nominations for the 6 positions available as councillor from the Westport ward (sitting councillors, Graham Howard and Jim Halsall, with the new faces being Barry Jones, Andrew Basher, and Charles Bruning, although Barry and Charles have stood for various issues in the past)
  • 1 local nomination for the West Coast District Health Board (first-timer, Michelle Lomax)
  • 1 nomination for the position of the Buller trustee on Development West Coast (current trustee, Frank Dooley); and
  • 1 nomination for the two Buller councillor spots on the West Coast Regional Council (sitting councillor, Terry Archer)

There have been no nominations received for the 2 Inangahua ward councillors, or the 4 positions as members on the Inangahua Community Board.

Mr Rodger says that if you’re a New Zealand citizen, over 18 years of age and you’re on the electoral roll you can stand as a candidate.

Anyone wishing to stand as an elected member must be nominated by two people enrolled in the district or ward which you are standing in, and pay a deposit of $200 (for all the issues except for the Development Trust).

Nominations close at noon next Friday, 16 August.

People are urged not to wait until the last minute to get nominations in. “If you do leave it until the last minute and there is something wrong with or missing from your application there is no extension of time.”

It is noted that there are a few things that can make a nomination ineligible – such as nominators not being on the roll for the correct area, or the details of candidates and/or nominators being incorrect or not complete.

It is also a requirement at this year’s election that (if the candidate so wishes to use) all the additional material such as the profile statement (including photo), and the conflict of interest statement, if standing for the District Health Board, be received with nomination paper and the deposit.

“However, if a candidate wishes to forward the additional material by e-mail to me prior to the lodging of the nomination paper and deposit, then this is very much acceptable. The scanning of hard-copy photos can result in some poor quality images being reproduced, as well as my checking that the statement does not exceed the 150 word limit, which may mean that the candidate may lose the tail-end of the statement,” said Mr Rodger.